Rebranding one of the greatest names in gaming audio

EPOS was formerly known as Sennheiser Communication and is a joint venture between Demant Group – a world-leading audio and hearing technology corporation – and Sennheiser. Jointly, the company has over 115 years of experience in audio innovation. EPOS was established in 2019 and now sells the former Sennheiser product lines under the name EPOS| Sennheiser. The goal of EPOS is to become known as the high-end audio provider for gamers. 


Establish EPOS as the premium provider of headsets and mics for gamers

As an unknown brand, particularly amongst gamers, EPOS needed to establish itself as the premium provider of quality audio headsets and microphones in the market.

digitalPR was brought on-board to support EPOS during its rebranding phase, through the daily management of relations with media, reviewers, and influencers. Our goal was to secure positive coverage about EPOS and EPOS products in key media, to establish the brand in the minds of gamers.


Education and clear communications based on experience

digitalPR had previously worked with the existing EPOS | Sennheiser line of products, including successfully pitching these products to top reviewers in the key media outlets within the Nordic region. As such, media were already familiar with the quality of the products and the Sennheiser name. Our job was to introduce the new EPOS brand and educate media regarding the close connection to Sennheiser Communication.

Through successfully promoting audio hardware in the past, digitalPR learned that great audio products cannot be ‘explained’ – they must be experienced. With our knowledge and journalistic background as former tech reviewers, the

digitalPR team made sure to test the products, before sending them to reviewers. Too often review hardware is sent out by inexperienced PR-agencies with no knowledge of the product. Our in-depth knowledge and experience allow us to clearly communicate the benefits, and deal with questions and concerns in a timely manner, helping to avoid negative coverage.

In addition to reviews and media relations, digitalPR also leveraged key gaming influencers in the region to create long-term collaborations and ambassador agreements. This helped to place EPOS front-and-center in the minds of gamers.


Big win

In just the first two months (April/May) of the campaign, digitalPR had already secured reviews in some of the largest relevant gaming media in the Nordics, including Gamedeactor and Daily Rush. We also secured a high-profile influencer agreement with Gex, one of Denmark’s largest influencers, who promoted the EPOS GSP 600 headset and GSX 1200 Pro amplifier to his influential fanbase.

Examples of results and coverage (2020):

• Reviews secured in:
• Gamereactor (pan-Nordic)
• Daily Rush (Denmark)
• Feber (Sweden)
• SweClockers (Sweden)
• Tek (Norway)
• V2 (Finland)

• Influencer promotion secured with:
• Gex
• Bergerbrush
• JNS Tech

How our services work

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Nordic PR

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Our job at digitalPR is to ensure that your star people are heard in the right media at the right time, and in the right context, so that they can shine a light on your business and its USPs.

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We offer tailored digital marketing strategies across platforms from Google to TikTok, precisely aligning your goals with your target audience for optimal ROI.

Our expertise in the Nordic region allows us to customize strategies based on each country’s unique digital preferences. This sets us apart from agencies offering “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

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An effective content marketing strategy must be at the heart of any digital marketing initiative. However, in order to generate high-quality traffic and leads, your brand must produce compelling, insightful content that resonates with your target audience. digitalPR is uniquely placed to supply content campaigns that convert, thanks to our expert team of former technology journalists. We will write content that demands to be read, and drive inbound traffic and leads through effective use of lead-nurturing strategies.

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Influencer Marketing

In a recent survey of 4000 marketing agencies, brands, and other industry professionals, 91% of respondents believed influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing. Whether you need a one-off influencer activation or long-term partnerships with relevant, high-profile influencers in your business sector, digitalPR can ensure your brand is promoted by the right influencers, in the right way, and with measurable results.

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As self-confessed language nerds, we are writers, editors and expert translators at heart. We can localize even the most complicated product content, while maintaining technical accuracy and your brand’s unique tone of voice. This ensures that your key communications material can be enjoyed in all the Nordic languages.

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We know that telling a great story about your brand or product is the gateway to business success. And who better to create these stories than journalists themselves?