Nordic lifestyle and mainstream PR campaign

Denon HEOS is a wireless music system that allows users to control music effortlessly from anywhere in the home. Denon’s award-winning multi-room speakers were previously sold under HEOS as a sub-brand, but with all Denon products now offering HEOS built-in, the company decided to shift HEOS to a technology rather than its own brand.


Spotlight Denon Home as the go-to brand in the Nordic multi-room speaker landscape

The core goal of the campaign was to deliver awareness of the Denon Home 150, Home 250, and Home 350 multi-room speakers across a wide media landscape. This included core hi-fi media, but also consumer electronics and lifestyle media, and other publications catering to families looking for high-quality, easy-to-use home audio products.

We planned, managed, and executed a three-month Nordic PR campaign that maintained a strong presence in core hi-fi and consumer tech publications, but focused heavily on conquering mindshare in the mass-market lifestyle and mainstream media.


A highly granular PR strategy tailored to each country and to each type of media

We embarked on a wide-ranging communication strategy, including a Stockholm-based press event, localized press releases for each country, and direct pitching efforts. However, given the broad range of publications we were required to target, digitalPR employed an innovative, tailored approach that focused on the needs of the different media.

For example, while product reviews were a key strategy for technology and hi-fi publications, lifestyle and consumer publications in the Nordic regions required a different approach. Thanks to our journalistic experience and close relationships with media, we were able to successfully pitch feature articles, gift guides and other editorial pieces in publications where review opportunities were not available.

Conveying the core benefits of Denon Home products also required a similarly tactical approach. For example, while tech publications require a detailed understanding of specifications, consumer and lifestyle publications were more focused on benefits. These included the stylish design, water- and stain-resistant fabrics, which allow for greater flexibility of placement in modern homes, and the elegant touch panel, making it possible to play music without needing to use a smartphone.

By understanding the needs of the media, we were able to ensure that the key messages and benefits of the products were included in the coverage. This strategy was only possible because of digitalPR’s wide-ranging knowledge of the whole media landscape, coupled with our in-house journalistic expertise.


Campaign in numbers

Overall, digital PR succeeded in raising awareness of Denon Home amongst a wide consumer audience base, ensuring the brand was front-of-mind in families looking to invest in multi-room audio.


press clippings




media awards


Coverage that placed Denon Home front-of-mind with families looking to buy multiroom audio.

Over the course of the three-month campaign, digitalPR secured more than 146 press clippings, including eighty-two reviews or product placements. Over half of the placements were in media categories such as lifestyle, interior design, DIY, local newspapers, and national dailies. The coverage we achieved was unanimously positive.

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Nordic PR

digitalPR is your brand’s gateway to the entire Nordic region. Through the execution of compelling and newsworthy PR and communications campaigns, we have proven success in propelling brands to the top of the news agenda. Our expert team of former, high-profile technology journalists have strong relationships with all the key B2B and consumer media, and specialize in crafting campaigns and thought-leadership stories that will grow your business.

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Thought Leadership

Within every organization there are star people, whose knowledge and expertise are a cornerstone of your business success. With the right driving force, these people can become powerful advocates for your brand.And in the digital age, expertise and authenticity are major selling points that can drive sales just as much as advertising or other promotional campaigns, but only if done correctly.

Our job at digitalPR is to ensure that your star people are heard in the right media at the right time, and in the right context, so that they can shine a light on your business and its USPs.

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Digital Marketing

We offer tailored digital marketing strategies across platforms from Google to TikTok, precisely aligning your goals with your target audience for optimal ROI.

Our expertise in the Nordic region allows us to customize strategies based on each country’s unique digital preferences. This sets us apart from agencies offering “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

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Content Marketing

An effective content marketing strategy must be at the heart of any digital marketing initiative. However, in order to generate high-quality traffic and leads, your brand must produce compelling, insightful content that resonates with your target audience. digitalPR is uniquely placed to supply content campaigns that convert, thanks to our expert team of former technology journalists. We will write content that demands to be read, and drive inbound traffic and leads through effective use of lead-nurturing strategies.

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Influencer Marketing

In a recent survey of 4000 marketing agencies, brands, and other industry professionals, 91% of respondents believed influencer marketing to be an effective form of marketing. Whether you need a one-off influencer activation or long-term partnerships with relevant, high-profile influencers in your business sector, digitalPR can ensure your brand is promoted by the right influencers, in the right way, and with measurable results.

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Localization and Translation

As self-confessed language nerds, we are writers, editors and expert translators at heart. We can localize even the most complicated product content, while maintaining technical accuracy and your brand’s unique tone of voice. This ensures that your key communications material can be enjoyed in all the Nordic languages.

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We know that telling a great story about your brand or product is the gateway to business success. And who better to create these stories than journalists themselves?