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We offer tailored digital marketing strategies across platforms from Google to TikTok, precisely aligning your goals with your target audience for optimal ROI.

Kenneth Nygaard Knudsen
Founder & CEO

We are an integrated, full-service PR and marketing agency in the Nordics, founded on the principles of authority and integrity. Unlike other agencies, our team includes PR and marketing experts and former technology journalists, giving us a unique blend of skills that elevate our campaigns above expectations. We are committed to using our expertise to drive your success.

Digital strategy – connecting the dots

A Custom Approach for Every Client

We craft unique strategies, helping your business stand out in a crowded marketplace.

From Google to TikTok, we have the skills and experience necessary to create a digital marketing strategy that is bespoke to your business needs.

We connect the dots between your goals and the audiences you need to reach to achieve them, and curate the optimal mix of platforms and messages to ensure the strongest exposure, engagement and ROI.

And with our specialized insights into the Nordic region, we understand the unique digital platform preferences of each country, allowing us to forgo the “one-size-fits-all” approach of other agencies and build tailored solutions.


The Nordics may be one region on paper, but optimizing your website to generate relevant, high-intent search traffic requires a native understanding of four different languages. This is crucial for effectively targeting and connecting with your local audience, optimizing content, and ranking in local search results.

Our unique pan-Nordic expertise means we’re ideally placed to help grow your business organically with SEO.

Years of experience
We have years of experience running paid search and display campaigns that deliver proven, measurable results, whether it’s for consumer products or business services.

Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO is only one tool in the digital marketing toolchest, and paid search engine marketing (SEM) is another great way to find new customers. This allows you to promote your brand and solutions to the people who are actively searching for products and services you offer, while also achieving broad reach through display advertising across websites and YouTube channels on the Google Display Network.


Capturing leads is only the first part of the marketing funnel, and to successfully nurture those prospects through to conversion requires a carefully crafted automation workflow. By segmenting customers and prospects and delivering a streamlined, personalized flow of communication that is specific to their interests, we keep your brand and products front of mind, turning potential customers into buyers.

Brand activation

While a significant portion of modern marketing activities are conducted through digital channels, we understand the importance and value of experiencing what a brand has to offer “live”. Whether it’s a product launch, round-table discussion, seminar or pop-up event, we can plan and deliver your live campaigns and make them a success.

Paid media

Search Engine Marketing is only one form of paid marketing, and there are many more opportunities to promote your brand and find new customers through other platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. We can manage the entire process, from producing messages and ad creatives, to planning, building and executing the campaign, and measuring the ROI. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, we’ll find the right paid channels and audiences to drive your business to new heights in the Nordics.

Paid social

We are PPC marketing experts, with many years of experience running advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We offer a top-to-bottom service, including the technical aspects of setting up social media pages, ad accounts, and tracking tools, should those be required.

Our campaign managers employ all the latest techniques necessary to ensure maximum performance, including A/B split testing, optimizing ad creative and copy, audience creation and more. We do all the heavy lifting – all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the results.

Organic social

Organic social channels are communities, and like all communities they thrive on interactivity and engagement. Our organic social experts take care of everything from creating a content calendar, to writing original, stimulating copy that drives engagement.

In addition, we are adept at running competitions and other activities designed to boost engagement and grow your fanbase.

Community management

Building a community is one thing, but a successful social media strategy requires regular engagement and an ability to adapt to the ever-changing social media landscape.

Our experts will handle all aspects of your social media management, from dealing with fans and customers, to creating and managing all of your content and channels. Importantly, everything we do is closely aligned with your individual brand guidelines and brand voice.

Pan-Nordic activities

Our team of experts keep a close eye on our clients’ social channels, and regularly interact with customers in each Nordic language, helping to create local communities that are fans of your brand.

All services for Digital Marketing

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Digital strategy – connecting the dots

We offer tailored digital marketing strategies, aligning your business goals with targeted audiences across diverse platforms for maximum ROI, especially in the Nordics.


Leveraging native understanding of Nordic languages, we optimize your site for relevant, local traffic, enhancing your organic growth.

Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

We run effective paid search and display campaigns, targeting active searchers and achieving broad reach on the Google Display Network.


Our automation workflows nurture leads to conversion by segmenting and delivering personalized communications, keeping your brand front and center.

Brand activation

We execute successful live campaigns, from product launches to seminars, complementing our digital strategies for a holistic brand experience.

Paid media

We manage comprehensive paid campaigns on multiple platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, targeting the right audiences for maximum ROI in the Nordics.

Paid social

As PPC experts, we handle all aspects of your social ads, employing the latest techniques for maximum performance.

Organic social

We drive engagement on organic social channels through content calendars, original copy, and activities like competitions.

Community management

Our team maintains regular engagement and adapts to social media trends, ensuring alignment with your brand voice and guidelines.

Pan-Nordic activities

We monitor and engage with clients' social channels in each Nordic language, cultivating localized brand communities.

All services

Marketing and PR services with a unique journalistic-edge that delivers proven business success

Our blended team of experienced marketing and PR professionals, and former top-tier journalists, know what makes a great story. And we know how to use that story as a springboard to grow your sales and help your businesses thrive and become famous.

As an integrated, full-service marketing and PR agency, this unique mix of skills and expertise gives us the tools and levers needed to elevate your brand to the next level in the Nordics.

Kenneth Nygaard Knudsen
Founder & CEO
We know that telling a great story about your brand or product is the gateway to business success. And who better to create these stories than journalists themselves? In a nutshell, that’s what makes digitalPR unique.
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  • Subject matter experts

  • Newsjacking

  • Bylined articles and pitching

  • Tracking industry trends

  • Media training

  • Nordic PR
  • Pan-Nordic approach

  • Strategy and messaging

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  • Media training

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  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital strategy – connecting the dots

  • SEO

  • Google Ads and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

  • Automation

  • Brand activation

  • Paid media

  • Paid social

  • Organic social

  • Community management

  • Pan-Nordic activities

  • Content Marketing
  • Content marketing funnel

  • Audience-targeted content

  • Lead generation campaigns

  • Organic and paid distribution

We know that telling a great story about your brand or product is the gateway to business success. And who better to create these stories than journalists themselves?